Table Mountain of the Kalahari

Many tourists pass it by. Little do they know what they are missing: Waterberg, Namibia's Table Mountain. An oasis at the western border of the Kalahari: Up to 200 metres higher than the surrounding plains, the mountain catches the clouds; its sandstone retains the rain water and little natural paradises form around the springs on the eastern face. A fortress of nature conservation: Rhinos, buffaloes and other rare animals live in the national park on the plateau. And a historical memorial site: Herero and Germans fought a fateful battle here, which continues to bind Namibia and Germany in a very particular way.

The plateau of the Waterberg is also home to white rhinos like these.

Animal refuge

The steep rock faces of the Waterberg protect the game-rich national park on the plateau including its rhinos like a fortress. The area is also home to over 200 bird species.

Ancient tree trunk in lush greenery at the Waterberg.

Flora hotspot

With over 500 species the Waterberg is one of the most plant-rich areas in southern Africa. Some species can only be found in Namibia.

Artillery of the German Schutztruppe at the Waterberg.

Trek into the dry savannah

General von Trotha cannot believe his eyes. The Herero manage to escape the encirclement by his troops – with women, children, elderly and cattle.

Channel for drinking water at the Waterberg.

Mountain of tales

Dangerous encounters with rhinos, buffaloes on the run, and fatal accidents in the channel for drinking water... The Waterberg has many stories to tell.